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François Brunelle


François Brunelle

François Brunelle was born in Sherbrooke, Québec in 1950. He has always been fascinated by the the human face and has been focusing on it since he started being a photographer at age 18. Working on the I'm not a look-alike! project allows him to explore in a very intimate way the relationship between his subjects and himself. 

Every artist, when doing a portrait, is creating a self-portrait. In the case of François Brunelle's doppelganger project the images seem to be self-portraits of his own double personality.

About François Brunelle's disk image:

Stéphane Morin and Claude-Simon Langlois are unrelated look-alikes. The one on the left, Mr. Morin, is Canadian-born. The one on the right, Mr. Langlois, is American-born.

Archive Materials

The following items are included on François Brunelle's flash drive within the 2012 archive.

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