Amber Archive

Anna Chatterton


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Anna Chatterton

Immortalized in Amber

The Amber Archive is an annual participatory art project operated by artist John Paul Robinson. The intent of the project is to communicate our existence to beings millions of years in the future by building an archive of creative human endeavors and sending it to them.

Every year, artists, designers and scientists submit works to be included in the archive. The works are reproduced on ceramic disks then encased in pine resin and sealed in Amber Time Capsules. The Amber Time Capsule is designed to replicate the process by which tree resin is fossilized into amber. The perfectly preserved plant and animal specimens found in amber hundreds of millions of years old is proof that this magical natural process is the perfect time machine.

Once the Amber Time Capsules are sealed they are placed in a secret geological location conducive to the process of fossilization, leaving their fate to geology and time.

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